Anistel products

Tristel launched the animal health range of products in June 2012 after ending the supply agreement with a distributor, for whom it had been manufacturing a portfolio of products since July 2009. This included high-level surface disinfectants, instrument cleaners, instrument disinfectants, hand hygiene products and odour eliminators. Best known amongst those was the disinfectant Trigene which Tristel has re-named Anistel.

The entire animal health range is now available directly from Tristel and also from the leading wholesalers NVS, Centaur, Henry Schein Animal Health and Pioneer.

Whenever you are looking for a Tristel product, be sure to look for the “S” mark of quality in the logo. Tristel has a 15-year history of supplying infection control solutions to the NHS and this expertise continues for the benefit of Veterinary Practices, Animal Welfare Institutions and Kennels & Catteries.

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