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News archive

Tristel news from 2012

01/09/2012 Hong Kong study on TV probes and HPV

01/02/2012 Tristel launches sporicidal wipes you can actually see work

Tristel news from 2011

01/11/2011 New lower Tristel at home prices due to popularity

28/04/2011 Tristel to exhibit Stella decontamination system at BAUS 2011

27/04/2011 Tristel to exhibit surface cleaning and disinfection range at AHCP 2011

15/03/2011 Chlorine dioxide wipes are proven choice in ENT

Tristel news from 2010

28/07/2010 Tristel exhibits FUSE and JET at Infection Prevention 2010 - proven products for routine cleaning and high-level disinfection


13/05/2010 Tristel and BES Decon develop instant-activation solution for CISA endoscope reprocessor

04/01/2010 Mobile air decontamination unit helps reduce risks to immunocompromised patients

Tristel news from 2009

10/08/2009 Tristel shows latest infection control products at British Society of Echocardiography meeting

04/08/2009 Practical sporicidal disinfection for urology instruments

03/07/2009 Acquisition of intellectual property and manufacturing rights

26/06/2009 Tristel to demonstrate Shine nasendoscope disinfector at BACO 2009

15/06/2009 Tristel extends availability of Dentel infection control range

11/05/2009 Appointment as exclusive UK distributor of mobile air- decontamination systems

20/04/2009 ENT takes a Shine to Tristel

03/04/2009 Tristel wins business excellence award

02/03/2009 Tristel launches new infection control range for dental practice

17/02/2009 Tristel’s ultrasound decontamination system meets need for speed, ease and reliability

13/01/2009 New Tristel Jet – chlorine dioxide efficacy for the cost of an alcohol wipe
Tristel news from 2008

22/10/2008 Tristel exhibits range for ultrasound decontamination at BMUS 2008

22/10/2008 Tristel shows options for instrument decontamination

06/10/2008 Preliminary Results for the Year Ended 30 June 2008

26/09/2008 Tristel Life attracts attention at Barcelona congress

16/09/2008 Tristel – tailored for infection control

27/08/2008 Independent research confirms mycobactericidal efficacy of Tristel’s Sporicidal Wipes

19/06/2008 Tristel shows latest products for tackling C-DIFF (Infection Prevention 2008)

28/05/2008 Tristel’s new benchtop washer disinfector puts a SHINE on nasendoscopes

20/05/2008 Quick, convenient commode cleaning

01/05/2008 Fast-growing use of Tristel FUSE among hospital cleaning companies

28/04/2008 Ultrasound decontamination on show at UKRC 2008

08/04/2008 Tristel introduces revolutionary new endoscope decontamination system

30/01/2008 Twenty-three Tristel ClO2 Generators now installed alongside endoscope washer disinfectors

03/01/2008 Grant of Patent
Tristel news from 2007

14/12/2007 Delivering safe, effective decontamination in the laboratory

14/12/2007 Tristel Fusion for Surfaces

13/11/2007 Tristel TRIO 3-in-1 instrument decontamination system for wards, clinics and healthcare practices

29/10/2007 Continued growth prompts Tristel’s move to larger premises and in-house manufacturing

30/08/2007 Specialist new products for infection control at Medica 2007

10/07/2007 Tristel shows new, specialist products for infection control

07/06/2007 Tristel expands UK sales team

27/03/2007 New offices for Tristel Technologies (formerly Vernagene)

20/03/2007 The Tristel Generator Grant of Patent

11/01/2007 Labs turn to Tristel for safe, effective biocides

08/01/2007 Leading IVF unit demonstrates successful use of Tristel sporicidal wipes
Tristel news from 2006

21/11/2006 Tristel launches novel endoscope sterilising tray

20/10/2006 Tristel exhibits new endoscope sterilising tray and Fusion ‘burstable sachet’ at Medica 2006

25/09/2006 Tristel launches Fusion ‘burstable sachet’ range, adding high level disinfection for floors and walls

28/06/2006 Tristel Fusion ‘bursts’ into the market

24/05/2006 Tristel to acquire Vernagene

30/03/2006 Tristel Duo helps lab to clean up

20/03/2006 Tristel appoints first overseas distributors as customer base grows

08/02/2006 Independent evaluation confirms efficacy of Tristel Duo sporicidal wipes
Tristel news from 2005

22/12/2005 Tristel Duo sporicidal cleaner effective against C. difficile

13/09/2005 Medica debut for Tristel – European launch of three new infection control products

13/09/2005 Tristel appoints new sales executive for London area

21/07/2005 Purple Promotion – collaboration between Tristel plc and Karl Storz Endoscopy (UK) Ltd

12/04/2005 New Tristel Duo – revolutionary sporicidal surface cleaner for hospitals

02/05/2005 Tristel announces first installation of its new fully automated chlorine dioxide generator

04/04/2005 DTi research grant for Tristel

Tristel news from 2003

21/11/2003 Barnet NHS Trust replaces glutaraldehyde disinfection units with Chlorine dioxide instrument sterilants

23/10/2003 King’s College Hospital chooses Tristel chlorine dioxide instrument sterilants

05/08/2003 Tristel previews new Sproicidal wipes at NATN conference

17/07/2003 Chichester Nurse Awarded

12/03/2003 Tristel launches world’s first rapid-action sporicidal wipe

20/01/2003 New sales team appointments at The Tristel Company

Tristel news from 2002

09/12/2002 Tristel aldehyde-free sterilants offer a range of completely safe decontamination options

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